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Monday, December 18, 2006

Skin Tag Removal | Minor Procedures

Skin Tag Removal Minor Procedures Doctors Use To Remove Skin Tags

There are several minor procedures available in the clinic for skin tag removal. Local anesthetic may be administered to reduce pain especially if there are multiple skin tags. Aluminum chloride or electric treatment (cauterizing) can be applied to stop bleeding.

Excision/Cutting off Skin Tags with Scissors or Scalpel

Small skin tags can be easily cut off with serrated or curved blade scissors at their stalks. Excision is required for larger ones.

Cryotherapy for Skin Tag Removal(Freezing of Skin Tags)

Skin tags can be frozen off your skin using ligation with a copper wire and applying liquid nitrogen to the wire or suture.

Electro Dessication/Electro Surgery (Cautery/Burning of Skin Tags)

Skin tags or acrochordons can be removed by burning with electric current.

Tying & Stopping Blood Supply to Skin Tags

Another skin tag removal method is to tie the stalk or peduncle of a skin tag will stop blood supply and cause the tags to fall off with time.

It is vital that you consult a doctor to check your skin condition. He/she can then advise you on the condition of skin abnormalities, and whether these growths are skin tags. Skin tags are generally harmless and need not be removed unless they are causing irritation or for cosmetic reasons. Ask your doctor on the appropriate treatment option.

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